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Give YOUR customers a great way of making money selling educational books to the public AND allowing them to sell PLR material to OTHER Marketers - Not forgetting, this whole set of assets can be repurposed to create content using the 8,000.000 tools they already own!
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This isn't just a bunch of books... It's a whole set of assets allowing your clients to build their own books, sell this with unrestrcited PLR rights to OTHER marketers and parents, teachers, families around the world can purchase these assets too!
The collection is aligned with the cirriculum & helps children learn in a fun, enjoyable way!

Dear Valued Partner,

We're excited to extend an exclusive invitation for you to be part of The Story Shack e-Learning Collection launch – an opportunity to not only impact education but also boost your earnings substantially. As a valued affiliate, we want to reward your efforts with an incredible prize pool of $3000+ and 100% commissions on the front end!

The Collection:

The Childrens story book collection of 200+ books is based on the school curriculum, they cover pretty much all of the subjects covered in all schools!

With fun & learning in mind, this collection of assets allow people to build books that children will love and learn… Using high-quality content that is all covered with 100% unrestricted PLR rights!

We know people are starved of content, and this is the perfect opportunity for your customers to get their teeth into something that they can sell in two ways, to adults who have or work with kids… And to marketers who want to make even more money.

NOT forgetting people can re-purpose this content in many different ways!

Make Youtube channels, TV Channels, videos for websites… Audio books.. The list goes on and on!

The "Breadcrumb" Funnel:

FE: Tiny Scholarz eLearning Book Bundle: [$9.95] – 100% Commission:

This is all of the assets mentioned above including the 200+ Books designed from the school curriculum.

Engaging, fun and inspiring... These books are highly sought after in what's projected to be a 58BILLION DOLLAR year, here in 2025!

OTO1: The StoryTellers Monthly Memebership: [$9.95 p.m] – 50% commission first sale, then 20% commission monthly afterwards:

 The Tiny Scholarz eLearning WordPress plugin platform AND ongoing resources of the current bundle but in different topics and titles – Images, wordsearches, quizzes… etc are all going to be added each month!
DOWNSELL 1:[$1 Trial]


This is a big collection of books, puzzles, mazes, colouring in images, wordsearches and more –We know people love PLR and when they buy the front end, they’re going to want to turn up the heat and get EVEN more assets at a steal!

OTO3: [$27.00] - Flip Bookz Frenzy – Tiny Scholarz eBook Creation & Flipbook Software:

We’re giving your customers access to a Flipbook and PDF Viewer for WordPress & HTML

Create beautiful online page flip catalogues, magazines, and brochures.

Transform PDFs into online flipping books!

This is embeddable into websites and anywhere that accepts HTML - eLearning is about to get a heap more fun!

OTO4: [$27.00] - 50% commission [The Inner Circle] Live training:

Live training on how to make your own prompts and stories and the assets and needs of bookmaking – This includes training on how to use Canva to design your own books once you’re making A.I work for you!

There's so much money to be made in this niche and this training is a MUST HAVE for anyone looking to push their business forward

We also include a chat GPT course.

* 500+ High-Quality Children's Books for Lucrative Sales.
* 500+ editable E-Covers for personalized eBook branding.

DOWNSELL: [$9.00] – 50% Commission:
* 250+ High-Quality Children's Books for Lucrative Sales.
* 250+ editable E-Covers for personalized eBook branding.

Perfect for Selling as a PLR opportunity:

Marketers: Entrepreneurs and marketers can use the PLR content to create engaging lead magnets and nurture their audience with valuable educational resources.

Authors and Content Creators: Those in the content creation industry can repurpose the PLR content to develop engaging blog posts, articles, or even create entirely new e-books.

Educational Platforms: Online learning platforms and course creators can use the PLR content to enhance their offerings, providing diverse and captivating educational materials to their students.

Affiliate Marketers: By selling the PLR rights, affiliate marketers can tap into a profitable niche, offering a valuable product with high demand.

Perfect for Selling to countless types of people and businesses!

Parents: The Story Shack e-Learning Collection provides parents with a treasure trove of educational resources to supplement their children's learning at home, making it a perfect investment for homeschooling or extracurricular education.

Teachers: Educators can utilize the content to create engaging lesson plans, worksheets, and even develop entire courses tailored to their students' needs, making learning more enjoyable and effective.

Children's Book Authors: Writers specializing in children's literature can find inspiration and resources to create new, original stories or enhance their existing work.

Educational Institutions: Schools and educational institutions can incorporate the content into their curriculum, offering diverse and captivating materials for enhanced learning experiences.

Tutoring Centres: Tutoring centres can utilize the diverse content to supplement their lessons, providing additional resources to help students grasp complex concepts in a more engaging way.

Libraries: Public and school libraries can enhance their collection with educational materials that align with the curriculum, catering to students looking for enjoyable yet informative content.

Bookstores with an Educational Focus: Specialty bookstores focusing on educational materials can offer The Story Shack e-Learning Collection to parents and teachers seeking quality resources for children's learning.

Online Book Platforms: Websites and platforms specializing in educational books can add this collection to their catalogue, providing a digital avenue for parents and teachers to access quality content.

Literacy Programs: Organizations running literacy programs can benefit from the wide range of content, using it to inspire a love for reading and learning among children.

Homeschooling Co-ops: Homeschooling cooperatives can find value in the collection by aligning the stories with their curriculum, providing a diverse range of subjects to enrich the homeschooling experience.

Children's Hospitals: Paediatric wards in hospitals can use these stories to create a positive and educational environment for young patients, offering entertainment and learning during their stay.

After-School Programs: Programs designed to enrich students' learning experiences after school can utilize the content to engage children in educational activities beyond regular school hours.

Community Centres: Community centres focused on education and child development can incorporate The Story Shack e-Learning Collection into their programs, offering a valuable resource for children in the community.

Language Schools: Language schools teaching English as a second language can use the stories to enhance language skills, making the learning process more enjoyable for young language learners.

These potential buyers would be interested in The Story Shack e-Learning Collection due to its versatility, aligning with the curriculum while offering engaging and diverse educational content for children.

Going Live On: [DATE]
Prizes: $3000+

Prizes Breakdown for the Opening Contest Launch Period:

- 1st Place: $600
- 2nd Place: $400
- 3rd Place: $300
- 4th Place: $200
- 5th Place: $100

Closing of the 5-Day Launch Prizes:

- 1st Place: $600
- 2nd Place: $400
- 3rd Place: $300
- 4th Place: $200
- 5th Place: $100

 How to Win:

1. Generate the highest sales during the launch period to secure your spot in the top 5 and claim your share of $1500 in prizes.

2. Continue your efforts during the 5-day launch closing, maintaining, or improving your position, and win your share of the additional $1500 in prizes.

DISCLAIMER: All commissions generated from your promotion must be equal or greater to the prize in order to qualify. (Which should be pretty easy for everyone Or, else you will receive the next prize in line that your commissions qualify you for.

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