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Congratulations on securing the ultimate children's e-learning bundle! But what if I told you there's a way to not just utilize these amazing assets but to elevate your e-learning journey into a thriving business?

Upgrade to The Storyteller's Membership for Ongoing Success along with The Tiny Scholarz eLearning Platform WordPress Plugin - A dynamic duo for creating an unstoppable e-learning empire that brings in passive income!

Meet Tiny Scholarz, your all-in-one solution for creating and managing a premium eLearning platform effortlessly - This system is designed to TEACH and SELL both in harmony, we know you will struggle without systems in place...

So this done for you, set n forget asset bundle we've carefully planned for you is the way to bring in the sales and keep them coming on an ongoing basis!

So, Why Tiny Scholarz?

Intuitive Course Builder: Easily create, edit, and manage online courses with our user-friendly interface.

Everything Included: No hidden costs or paywall features; you get all premium add-ons from the start.

Control Enrollment: Let users register automatically or add them manually, even assigning multiple instructors.

Diverse Payment Options: Seamlessly integrate PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, EDD for efficient payment methods.

Student Engagement: Enable students to take notes, earn badges, and accumulate reward points for an interactive experience.

Wish List and Grade Book: Students can save courses and track progress with the wish list and grade book features.

Course Certificates and Reviews: Boost credibility with certificates and honest student reviews

Course Customization: Set difficulty levels, add estimation timers, highlight featured courses, and determine pricing effortlessly.

Lesson Management: Preview lessons, control content release, and set minimum durations for a thorough learning experience.

Quiz Features: Set timers, randomize questions and answers, and establish passing grades for fair evaluation.

Notifications and Multiple Instructors: Pushover notifications keep users updated, and add multiple instructors at no extra cost.

MyCred Integration and More: MyCred points, invoices, BuddyPress integration, custom currencies, and account custom tabs for a comprehensive experience.

Our Tiny Scholarz eLearning interface is easy to navigate and every important feature is at most one click away. 

We've made sure to show you all the important information for each tab so you can see from one glance what needs editing, if something needs your urgent attention or if a payment went through.

You can really deliver great content along with making some big money on an ongoing basis with this system & these monthly assets!

But that's not all!

You'll Also Join The Storyteller's Club Membership & Unlock A World Of Endless Adventures & Success:


100 New Book Stories Every Month: Keep the excitement alive with a fresh batch of captivating tales - ongoing content is cruical to any venture!

And for such a fair price - The hours and hours and hours you'll save doing the grunt work, will be well worth it

Build A Book Bundle Assets: Enjoy monthly wordsearch challenges, vibrant imagery, top 100 related words, and coloring-in material to push your content further for profits... These assets can be added to books like intended, or packaged separately for upsells and downsells!

Monthly Success Training: Elevate your marketing game with exclusive training sessions, turning your passion into profit.

Inside this members area, a whole plethora of content is coming each month, not just assets and Story Books... But TRAINING TOO!

Ongoing Updates: We keep you in the loop about everything here at Story Shack - And along with what's winning updates, what's new updates & what's next updates...

You'll also recieve Software Updates!

Why Join The Storyteller's Club & Tiny Scholarz eLearning Software??

  • Comprehensive Assets: Build A Book Bundle assets enhance your storytelling experience & profits.
  • Business Boosting Training: Monthly success training empowers you to market and sell your content effectively.
  • Continuous Learning: 100+ new stories monthly ensure your collection is ever-expanding.
  • Ongoing updates: If we find a winning place to sell these assets... You'll know about it, something you're missing? We got you covered!
  • Our Never Alone Promise: With LIVE PRIORITY 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Monthly Newsletter: Your success is our business, with our monthly newsletter, we're going to be helping you with more knowledge to succeed

These potential buyers would be interested in The Story Shack e-Learning Collection due to its versatility, aligning with the curriculum while offering engaging and diverse educational content for children.


Make a lesson available for everyone so they can get an idea of how the course is like.

Lesson Drip Content
Control when a lesson becomes available for your students by scheduling content releases.

Lesson Duration
Establish the minimum amount of time a user must spend on a lesson in order to avoid a user clicking next, next to pass through a lesson with ease.

Quiz Timer
Set a number of minutes after which the quiz will end.

Randomize Questions
Display the questions of a quiz in a random order every time.

Randomize Multi-Choice Answers
Display the multi-choice answers in a random order every time.

Determine Passing Grade
Establish the minimum grade a user must obtain in order to pass a quiz or course.

Pushover Notifications
Create notifications which will be received by your users on mobile via Pushover.

Multiple Instructors
Ultimate Learning Pro has the functionality to add multiple instructors to a course, this is available from the beginning for no extra cost.

MyCred Integration
MyCred is integrated in ULP, allowing your users to earn points for certain actions, you have full control over these.

Allow your users access to their invoice(s).

BuddyPress Integration
BuddyPress is integrated in Ultimate Learning Pro, adding a new tab to your BuddyPress public profile.

Custom Currencies
ULP allows the addition of new currencies alongside the predefined list based on custom symbols.

Account Custom Tabs
You can create and reorder the account page menu items.

Intuitive Course Builder
Easily create, edit and maintain online courses with our friendly user interface.

Everything Included
All the Premium Addons are included in the price, you get everything from the start with no hidden costs.

Stripe Payment
Your users can use Stripe’s direct payment method.

PayPal Payment
Your users can use PayPal’s direct payment method.

Membership Payment
You can link a course to a Ultimate Membership Pro level.

WooCommerce Payment
Your users can use the payment methods integrated in WooCommerce.

EDD Payment
You can link a course to an Easy Download Digital item.

Student Notes
Special form generated by the plugin where your students can take notes during courses.

Student Badges
Set up badges to reward your students for completing certain conditions.

Reward Points
Reward your students with points when they answer questions, finish a quiz, lesson or course. Use points as a prerequisite condition for your courses.

Wish List
Lets your students save a course to their personal wish list for later use.

Grade Book
Students will be able to see their grades in a special form generated by the plugin.

Course Certificates
Certificates can be added for courses, they are given to your students upon completion of the course.

Course Reviews
Help your sales grow by having honest reviews of your courses written by students.

Course Difficulty
Define difficulty levels and assign them to your courses to help potential customers make the right choice.

Course Estimation Timer
Set up an estimation of how much time it will take to finish this course.

Featured Course
Highlight a course in the public section to attract interest to it with just one button click.

Course Price
Determine if a course is free or paid and set up the price.

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We've created Tiny Scholars eLearning Platorm because we knew many people don't have a members area, they don't have a sales page, they don't have much of anything except time and the will to succeed.

We paired the two together... And came up with this tremendous offer!

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The Storytellers Membership


Childrens StoriesPacks
Wordsearch Packs
Colouring Packs


Comprehensive Assets: Build A Book Bundle assets enhance your storytelling experience & profits.

Business Boosting Training: Monthly success training empowers you to market and sell your content effectively.

Continuous Learning: 100+ new stories monthly ensure your collection is ever-expanding.

Ongoing updates: If we find a winning place to sell these assets... You'll know about it, something you're missing? We got you covered!

Our Never Alone Promise: LIVE PRIORITY 24/7 Live Chat Support

Monthly Newsletter: Your success is our business, with our monthly newsletter, we're going to be helping you with more knowledge to succeed

How to Join The Storyteller's Club:


Step 1. Click the Join Now Button Below: Secure your ongoing membership for just $14.95 per month - covering Tiny Scholarz and The Storyteller's Membership assets.

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