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Introducing Our Exclusive Offer: Build A Book Bundle!

Enhance your learning experience with a curated collection of valuable assets designed to elevate your existing purchase. This supplementary bundle is crafted to make your children's e-learning books even more engaging and interactive.

What's Is The Build A Book Bundle?

Great Question!

It's a collection of high quality assets to help you build a book that helps nurture the childrens learning, ignites their imagination, tests them... And pushes them further.

The "BABB" (Build a book bundle) as we call it for short has been crafted for various reasons..

1 - The ability to sell MORE to parents/teachers/schools etc for MORE profits.
2- The ability to sell MORE to online marketers for more profit.
3- The ability to craft bigger, better books to increase your profit.
4- The ability to turn this content into video to generate traffic, sell... Give teasers to sell books and MORE.

Speaking of content, we give you the pieces to truly make books that are high quality and useful - This is the BEST way for repeat custom & a golden opportunity to break this package down and open up a membership site for RECURRING PAYMENTS.

This applies for PLR buyers AND Children's eLearning materials.

This epic offer is a surefire way to give you MORE to sell... The more you have to sell... The more money YOU make. It's as simple as that!


100+ Wordsearch Challenges: Boost the fun and educational aspect by adding wordsearches related to the themes and titles of your children's e-learning books. A perfect blend of entertainment and cognitive engagement.

1000+ Imagery Galore: Dive deeper into the worlds you've discovered with additional images closely tied to the topics. These visuals not only enrich the storytelling experience but also provide a visual feast for young readers.

Top 100 Related Words: Elevate your content with a handpicked list of top 100 related words. These carefully selected keywords will enhance discoverability, making your children's e-learning books more accessible to your target audience.

Multiple Choice Quizzes For EVERY Subject: Build out your books with more fun things to do for children, the more you add... The more you can choose! Do not miss out on challenging those minds on the subjects they're learning about.

1000+ Colouring-In Materials: Unleash creativity and artistic expression with colouring-in material that corresponds to the stories in your collection. Let young minds bring characters and scenes to life, adding a personal touch to their reading experience.

Why Upgrade to the Build A Book Bundle?

Enhanced Engagement:

Keep young minds captivated with wordsearch challenges and additional visuals that deepen their connection to the stories.

- Optimized Discoverability:

Elevate your online presence by strategically incorporating the top 100 related words, ensuring your children's e-learning books are easily discoverable by your target audience.

-Interactive Learning: 

Colouring-in material promotes hands-on learning, encouraging creativity and imagination while reinforcing the educational content.

PLR Licensed Valuable Assets:

We provide you with additional resources to bundle yourself, sell together/separately.. You choose!

Whether you're wanting to build more books and make more money... Or sell bundles to marketers to make more money... The choice is 100% YOURS!

We've Got A Bonus For You:
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How to Access Your Build A Book Bundle:

1. Click the Upgrade Button: Seize the opportunity to enhance your purchase by clicking the upgrade button below.

2. Instant Access: Gain immediate access to the Build A Book Bundle, seamlessly integrating it with your existing children's e-learning book collection.

3. Enjoy the Enriched Experience: Immerse yourself in the enhanced worlds of education, entertainment, and creativity with the Build A Book Bundle.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to take your children's e-learning books to the next level.
Upgrade now and let the learning adventure continue!


As we value honesty, we're giving you a 30 day money back guarantee on your first months purchase - Don't like it? We'll buy it back! It's as simple as that!